Sister Talks: When A Man Knows Who He Is

Relationship woes? Only when we can truly see self can we begin to see and understand another.

When a man knows who he is, then he knows who she is and understands her nature then he understands what she needs before she has a need.

To do this you must be as a Transceiver, having the ability to Transmit and Receive. Comes with Knowledge of Self and Maturity on both ends. Within that knowledge of self comes the knowledge of ones Spiritual Anatomy* and all its relational components that can either help or hinder ones ability to connect with the opposite sex based on the context its placed in.

* On Spiritual Anatomy – [Have an] understanding on the abstract aspects of yourself like your emotions and how you must be in control of them as opposed to them controlling you. Understanding you have a higher self and a lower self that’s in a constant tug of war. Or understanding how your subconscious mind can play a role in your good or bad. Like we all have these recorded memories from past relationships, abuse etc. The subconscious has a way of playing these recording back to us in different ways. Many of us don’t know how to get past these things thus they can be a hindrance from connecting with a future mate.

– Brother Paul Muhammad

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