I am God, We are God

Greetings God,

Now Im in the early stages of creating Soul Zen. Daily I am doing the Soul Work required to make this company fly, to make our company fly. In the deepest state of meditation, I finally release the pain I associated to any one calling themselves God. Finally I understand and for me it now makes sense.

Anytime someone would say “I am God” it would be likened to nails on a chalk board for me. I felt they were selfish, and refused to see how we all were connected. In this I caused myself pain because there was an error in my thought process. I have always viewed the world from an empathetic place. I’ve always felt my connection to people and because of this empathy, “We are God” or “We are Gods” always felt right for me. However, in order to truly understand empathy, one must experience apathy. Neither empathy or apathy could exist without the other. To understand one, you must understand both. An apathetic person (psychologists term these people narcissistic) sees the world from a position of “I” instead of “We” and they are most comfortable saying “I am God”. So when someone says “I am God”, realize and understand, that they are talking about You and Us as well. What They do alone, We do together as One. #pause

The moment we see ourselves as separate from God, we can no longer say “God is All”, “God is Omnipresent”, “God is Omnipotent” and when we see God in a powerless state we see ourselves in a powerless state as well and we will begin to cause ourselves the deepest pain. Be comfortable in your own Divinity. No longer do you have to fear Yourself.

Today I remember, there is no “right” there is no “wrong” way to identify with God, God simply Is, God is All, there is nothing God is not. So “I am God” and “We are God“, are both “right”, because both Is as God Is.

Regardless of how we realize our connection to Divinity, we must realize, Love is Unconditional, Love is Everything and Nothing at All, Love for All Reasons and None, Love is God, God is Love.

Darkness to Light

Sharron Denice
Co-Founder/CEO Soul Zen, LLC

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